Allergy Testing

Clarity Labs offers a solution to identify potential allergens through the use of the most sensitive and comprehensive allergy testing technology to quantitatively identify total and specific allergen sensitivities in patients.

Adults and children can be tested through acquiring blood samples. Allergy testing is beneficial as common allergic reaction triggers can be identified, particularly when combined with a detailed medical history.

Featured Tests

For a complete and comprehensive list of available allergen testing, visit:

Allergen, Drugs, Amoxicillin

Allergen, Drugs, Penicillin G (major)

Allergen, Drugs, Penicillin V (minor)

Allergen, Epidermals and Animal Proteins, Feather Mix

Allergen, Food, Casein (Cow’s Milk) IgG

Allergens, Pediatric Inhalants, Southwest

Allergens, Pediatric Profile IgE

Allergen, Food, Gluten

Allergen, Food, Goat Milk IgE

Allergen, Food, Milk (Cow’s)

Allergen, Food, Peanut

Allergen, Food, Rice

Allergens, Pediatric Foods Profile 1

Allergens, Pediatric Foods/Inhalants Profile

Allergen, Food, Strawberry

Allergen, Food, Wheat

Allergens, Animal, Dog/Cat Epithelium Profile

Allergens, Dust/Mite Profile

Allergens, Hymenoptera, Bee Venom Profile

Allergens, Pediatric Allergy, March (Progression) Profile

Results You Need

Clarity Labs also offers allergy testing for uncommon allergens, like those in regional and/or pediatric profiles, in addition to occupational allergens, including chemicals, insects and drugs.

Patients that suffer from allergies and asthma, including pollens, microorganisms, mites, animals, insects and venoms can all be assessed using the ImmunoCAP® test.

Allergen Analysis

Results from ImmunoCAP can be used to confirm a suspicion of allergy and to determine the offending allergen or to even rule out allergens, narrowing the suspected allergen pool.

IgE antibody developments can be detected at an early stage, even before clinical symptoms have developed, enabling the identification of patients with initial allergic reactions, reactions progressing (eg, exacerbating), and even those that have progressed to suffer from chronic reactions.

ImmunoCAP® Allergen Components enable the measurement of specific antibodies to antigenic components at the molecular level through the use of a sandwich assay.

This binding is achieved through the provision of an optimal cellulose sponge matrix in each vial. While the clinical utility of these test results should always be paired with a detailed medical history, this intrinsic assay sensitivity provides strong recommendations for use in clinical practice.

What is the Clarity Labs Difference?

ImmunoCAP® Specific IgE blood testing helps HCPs to better manage their patients that present with allergy-like symptoms. Clarity Labs utilizes ImmunoCAP® technology to quantitatively identify total and specific allergen sensitivities in patients. Only ImmunoCAP® testing provides the accuracy needed to assist in these diagnoses, and Clarity Labs are excited to help you incorporate this superior technology into your practice.

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