UTI Testing

Clarity Labs Urinary Tract Infection Panel

Clarity Labs uses an advanced UTI panel utilizing multiple molecular hardware platforms. It is a comprehensive, robust assay that detects multiple UTI pathogens simultaneously from a urine specimen.

The UTI test is a fast and comprehensive polymicrobial molecular based test that identifies and detects most pathogens found in human urine specimens from individuals with signs and symptoms of urinary tract infections, without culture.

Benefits of our UTI Panel

  • Ability to report Polymicrobial findings
  • Simultaneously detect and identify 24 bacterial and fungal pathogens from a single urine sample.
  • Rapid 24-48 hour turnaround time for results.
  • Antibiotic resistance testing is performed after pathogens are identified so the provider can treat the patient the right way, the first time
  • Provides better patient outcomes and satisfaction
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